Solemn Sunrise

Gentle music crept into my resting mind, rousing me from my short slumber. I glanced at my phone, the screen read "5:00 am". Fighting the nearly inescapable gravity of my bed I stood up and quickly got dressed. 

I grabbed my Pentax 67II and a box of Portra 400 and Portra 160. I knew this shoot would be at sunrise so I thought Portra 400 would perform well with the lower light. I grabbed Portra 160, just in case the sun rose more quickly than I expected.

I hopped in to the car and started the journey down to Corona del Mar. The highway stretched before me in infinite blue and scattering light. I reached the beach an hour later. I met up with Tori and we began our brisk and brief climb to our location. 

We climbed down of the railed landing, walked between shrubbery and came upon the first area. We stood upon smooth, undulating rock; their grey color rich with the sun's warmth. Sections of rock climbed into the air like the zenith of two crashing waves. 

We then climbed down a narrow set of stairs to the beach. The sand was still cool from the moonlit night. Craggy cliff faces surrounded the beach. We climbed the rocks we could and let others envelop us. The wind stirred nervously, and we patiently awaited its arrival to lift Tori's dress in a fit of beautiful motion. 

I love shooting only with my Pentax (sometimes I start with digital and transition to film). The constraint of 10 shots per roll encourages me to take my time composing, and posing each shot. 

Model :: Tori Owens

Joseph CalvoComment